Last Year’s Convention

Convention program

Last year’s ASI Convention was under the theme “A Cause Worth Living For”. Here is how the schedule looked (and you can expect a powerful convention this year also)

Convention speakers & seminars

Seminar holders: ENAD Scandinavia: Allan Fjelmberg, Mark Maricic, Per Arild Struksnes and Simon Karlsson.

Peak Mental Performance with Dr. Neil Nedley
• The lost art of thinking and how to improve emotional intelligence.
• Optimizing your brain for peak performance.
• Release your power by overcoming addictions.
• Medical missionary work and the loud cry.
• Sex and morality: does it matter?

Neil Nedley, M.D., is a practicing physician in Internal Medicine with emphasis in Gastroenterology, Mental Health, and Lifestyle Medicine. He is a sought after speaker and educator. His work has been published in the medical literature and has authored of several books. He is President of Weimar Institute, and founder of the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.

Creation Science with Ben Clausen
• Theodicy: The Problem of Evil.
• God and Physics.
• Science Research in a Christian Paradigm.
• Sharing Our Worldview.
• The Faith of a Scientist: Belief in Spite of Uncertainty.

Ben Clausen, PhD has a background in math, geology and physics, with research interests in nuclear physics and igneous petrology. He is a senior research scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute whose mission is to discover and share an understanding of nature and its relationship with the Biblical revelation of the Creator God. Ben teaches at the Department of Earth and Biological Sciences, Loma Linda University.

How to Find Your Lifework (X3 one-hour sessions)
Most people never find their calling – the purpose for which they were born. That’s why many simply endure all year to have 5 weeks of “happiness” during vacation, and on weekends, but stuck trying to pay bills. There is a better way. God never does anything without purpose. He has designed you for one purpose, from your DNA. Let’s find out what that is. We will go on a journey to find out:
• how to live a purpose-driven life
• the four main elements that indicate your lifework
• how to find out God’s specific will for your life
• catch a vision for your life by seeing innovative ways of living your calling

Jesse Zwiker is a passionate entrepreneur from Switzerland with a deep desire to share the gospel practically. He has co-founded several enterprises including VIDA International in Honduras, and Christian-translations. As one of the founders of Hyvecamp, a European Adventist startup accelerator located in Germany, He is all about making it easy for visionaries to turn their ideas into mission-driven companies and centers of evangelistic influence. He is also currently completing some theology studies at Bogenhofen Seminary.

Torben Bergland M.D., a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, is currently the director of Health Ministries for the TED. He is passionate about developing Health Ministries within the Adventist Church and sees his current appointment as an opportunity to use his interests, knowledge and skills in service for God. Prior to this, he was director of the Depression Department at Modum Bad, a residential psychotherapy, education and research centre in Norway.

Don Mackintosh is former ER nurse and pastor. Currently he is the director of the HEALTH training program and Campus Chaplain at the Weimar Institute. Don’s wide experience in the health field and commitment to evangelism qualifies him to instruct students how to use health as the entering wedge for the gospel. Don’s enthusiasm for ministry is loved by his students.

From idea to reality
Qure Fysioterapi is a new mission-clinic in the midst of Copenhagen. We have been blessed with incredible results, and will share some of the testimonials and our story about how to start a faith-based, yet scientific-based clinic in a secular city, with the mission to share the Three Angels messages through medical ministry.

Per Arild Struksnes – a physiotherapist, salesman, photographer, elder, husband, father, sportsman… who loves to share the message of the three angels in a way that common man can understand. He´s one of the owners of the new mission clinic Qure Fysioterapi in Copenhagen.

A NEW START For a New Year – The power of lifestyle medicine
How can the Adventist lifestyle bring health and healing to a diseased world? Chronic diseases are rapidly increasing. In an age where there are more obese than underweight people and poor nutrition has become the leading cause of early death, has the Adventist health message lost its relevance or is it part of the solution to the health crisis? In this seminar you will learn how lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, and others can be applied for optimal health and for prevention and treatment of common diseases.

Allan Fjelmberg is a physician currently working at an Adventist rehabilitation center in Norway. He has special interest in how lifestyle factors influence health and disease, and completed this year a MPH degree in Lifestyle Medicine from Loma Linda University. Through consultations, presentations, articles and public health activities he seeks to inspire people to aim for optimal lifestyle choices.”

Natural remedies in emergencies
Do you wish to be a helping hand to both friends and strangers? Learn how to practically apply safe and effective measures in alleviating pain, fighting infections, envenomations and much more with the help of free, natural and scientifically proven remedies.
Become inspired to serve and see how you might the Samaritan everybody one day might need.

Mark Maricic who was born and raised in Sweden works as a resident physician in Orthopedic Surgery and as a consultant within Primary Care. He and his wife, Hajni both have a strong desire to develop the health message as the most used and effective tool to reach Scandinavia.

A vision of a mobile health centre
The last 5 years Steps4life has by God’s grace held more than 10 health weeks with an emphasis on motivating individuals to lasting lifestyle change. During this seminar we will explore the vision, the method, the results and the future developments of this successful concept. Being part of stories of changed lives is truly a cause worth living for!

Frida de Bruyn is a stay-at-home mum who loves to spread God’s love to those around her. She is one of the founders of steps4life where she enjoys serving as a nurse or in the culinary arts. At the moment she is based outside Växjö, Sweden, but has travelled to many countries as a volunteer with Adventist Volunteer Services, Matteson Mission Shcool and recently with OCI to an organic farm in Colombia. She is married to Stephen de Bruyn who shares her passion for mission.