New this year:

The Hyvecamp Business Hackathon!

Here is how it works:

The business hackathon is a major part of ASI in 2018/19 and will start on Thursday morning, the 28th of December and last until the New Year’s program. A business hackathon is an opportunity for you (and many others who wish to) to pitch your business/ministry idea in 2 minutes. Here is how it works.

  1. To begin, every participant who so desires will get one flip chart page to write his or her idea on and hang on the wall so others can get an idea even before you make your pitch.

  2. Next, every participant will be allowed 2 minutes to pitch their idea using their flip chart page (no PowerPoint presentations), followed by 2 minutes of questions and answers from mentors.

  3. Once everyone has presented, all participants will get to vote for the one idea (other than their own) they think is the “million dollar” idea and to which they would like to contribute if their own is not chosen.

  4. The 7 ideas receiving the most votes from participants and mentors will be further developed in the ‘Hyvecamp Workshop’ throughout the remainder of the convention. Teams will be formed around the winning ideas. Additionally, 5-7 other participants from the convention who have voted for the chosen ideas will be joining each team for the workshop slots, and “your team” will help you develop your idea. Hyvecamp will also offer mentoring and best practice talks that will help your team refine their ideas.

  5. Finally, the revised pitches will be presented at the New Year’s Eve program, this time with a slideshow and a 4-minute slot. The winner will receive a prize to assist in the implementation of the winning idea!

Don’t be sad if your idea is not chosen. Rather, as a community of like-minded individuals, we want to support each other and rejoice in each other’s success; what we learn through this process will also help us improve our own ideas.

This year’s convention is going to be very exciting and you will want to be part of the development of these new innovations. Start thinking about the idea you would like to present at the upcoming ASI Convention.