ASI Convention Program


One of the highlights of any ASI convention is the workshops. This is when we get practical in specific interest areas and learn in hours nuggets of wisdom presenters have sometimes taken years to discover. Here’s what we know so far:

Workshop 1

01. How to start a steps4life week with your church
Christian Karlsson, Kristoffer Sandström

Health mission work is a powerful way to establish trust among Scandinavians. Come and find out how to use medical missionary work and the health message to form quality relationships with secular people. Steps4life is a mobile health Clinique comprised of young adventist health-professionals who want to help people find a relationship with Jesus. For several years we’ve arranged health weeks for people suffering from non-communicable disease risk factors (high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, obesity etc) that want to take charge of their life through the aid of the health message.

Come and learn how you can arrange something similar, hear some of the inspiring testimonies of how to use health as a tool to establish trust, lead people in the discipleship process and in making a decision for Christ.

02. How to share creation teachings with someone with a secular world view
René Havstein

The big bang happened 14,7 billion years ago. Our solar system developed 4,6 billion years ago. Life started to evolve 1 billion years ago. These fundamental assumptions in our modern secular worldview stand in stark contrast with biblical creation. Why do people come to these conclusions? How do they think and reason? How can I share Creation with others that have this worldview?

03. Keys for an awesome Bible study experience
Joakim Hjortland

How can the study of God’s Word today, become interesting, relevant and enjoyable; rather than boring and burdensome? As I read the Bible through, at age 15, I was converted; and my life was transformed. I then learned to study the Word, and was greatly blessed. Recently, I have learned to take the study of the Word to the next level. In this workshop I am excited to share old and fresh life transforming keys, that are invaluable both to the new students of the Word, and to those who have been studying it for years.

04. Winsome witnessing to friends and family – practical personal evangelism
Christopher Kramp

Would you hire an unlearned architect to build your house or get operated by someone who never studied medicine? Somehow, though, we sometimes believe, winning souls is just simply about “being authentic” and letting the Holy Spirit do his work. Instead Ellen White tells us, that personal evangelism is a science that requires thinking, studying and praying. Start to learn this business!

Workshop 2

01. Making the devil tremble – principles and practice of relentless prayer
Pernille Rasmussen

Prayer is the breath of the soul. It is just as important to our spiritual life as breathing is to our physical one! But do you sometimes find it a challenge to pray, a heavy duty rather than a joyful experience in your Savior’s presence? Together, we will discuss principles and practical suggestions for our personal time with God, so that communion with our loving Father and Friend–more and more–will become the longing and desire of our hearts.
We will also have a look at the importance of praying together and praying for others. Perhaps you have felt a burden to share Jesus with someone, or you want to have that burden. We will see how crucial prayer is to be successful in this work and discuss how we can implement it in our churches and daily lives – and how we indeed will see people come to Christ as we work together with Him.

02. 1888 – Adventist pin code or a deeper look at the everlasting gospel?
Jonathan Karlsson

Many Adventists have only vaguely heard of 1888. They might connect it with righteousness by faith. But what actually happened this year? How does righteousness by faith work practically speaking? When is a person considered righteous? What is the relationship between faith and works? What is justification and sanctification? How is the sanctuary message relevant in my everyday life? Find out how the answers to these vital questions strike at the very core of the Three Angel’s Messages.

03. Mission impossible – how to find a godly spouse in an ungodly age
Mari and Fredrik Lillbäck

Looking for the right one but ending up Wasting Time in Russian Roulette? Wanting to learn how to Date Safe by using your Guillotine? Wishing to know how to get from a Hi – to Amen? Desiring to build a Godly Marriage – in God’s way?

If you would like to learn how to reach Step by Step towards a Great, Fulfilling, Godly marriage, you can join this workshop to hear our Story and what we have Learned from it. Suitable for: you who are single or dating.

04. Repeating Pentecost: How to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and prepare for the latter rain
Michael Dant

The Holy Spirit has been called the “Greatest Unused Power in the world today.” Unfortunately, it is sadly true. And yet God has been striving with all His wisdom, love, and power to lavish His Spirit upon us. Sometimes He succeeds. Often He does not. What needs to happen before God can overwhelm me with His Spirit? How can I cooperate with God in that process? These are practical and critically important questions. And they have practical and tangible answers. Join us as we look together at seven transformational “foundation principles” of godliness that form the backbone of a Spirit-rich love relationship with Jesus.


Workshop 3

01. God’s not dead! How to defend your faith without being defensive
Christopher Kramp

The Millerites were masters in winning skeptical, agnostic business men in a way that melted hearts. Seemingly, their art hast been in short supply in recent years. In a secular world, that questions almost everything under the sun, we are called give an intelligent reason for our faith. Solid answers and sound reasoning are needed. Rise to the challenge and be a beacon for truth!

02. “I can’t stop” – Overcoming addictions through the Word
Tiago Silva

Have you ever felt like giving up, after falling so many times into the same sin? You try and try again but you end up finding yourself weak to overcome and controlled by this habits. If this is you, don’t give up friend, there is hope for you!

Jesus promised, in John 8:36, that if He makes you free, you will be free indeed! Come join us, as you learn how God wants to make this a reality in your life.

03. Get more done: Personal productivity for a time hungry generation
Jeremy Zwiker

What time is it? Did I miss an appointment? What else should I have been doing? Did I forget something? How can I get more done? If you have asked yourself questions like these, you are not alone. The commodity ‘time’ is gaining on value every day, as the possibilities to be more effective rise. Smartphones, apps, tools are made available, while time is literally becoming short. How do you spend your time to be most effective?

04. How to understand and share the God of the Old Testament
Antonella Pedley

From The West Wing to Richard Dawkins, people today get hung up about the God of the Old Testament. Jealous, misogynistic, condoning slavery, giving strange laws, commanding the sacrifice of Isaac and ordering genocide – how are we to respond to these accusations being levelled at a God of love and reason? Though these are not by any means trivial questions, you’ll find they should not be pegs for anyone’s doubts to hang on. Be persuaded in a seminar that aims to be well documented and enlightening.

Workshop 4

01. Delighting in the Almighty – a practical guide to primitive godliness
Michael Dant

The only thing better than living the Christian life, is living the Christian life and relishing it. One of the greatest privileges that you and I have, as Christians, is to delight in the Almighty God; to truly relish walking and working with Him.

But for most of my sincere Christian life, that was not my experience. It took me 30 years after my baptism to fall in love with Jesus. What went wrong? How did I fail to delight in God? I invite you to join us as we explore “Delighting in the Almighty – A practical guide to primitive godliness.”


02. Music for the mind
Rabea Kramp

Music is a great gift. A gift that sometimes has more power than words. Rightly disposed it can soothe troubled minds, soften strong temperaments or lift you up. In this workshop we will see, what effects good music has on our brain and soul and how we can gain benefit out of fit.

03. How to start a business with a heart for mission
Daniel Pedley

In this workshop, we will focus on five phases of starting a business for the purpose of supporting your mission calling: 1. Preparation; 2. Finding your business idea; 3. Validation; 4. Setup, and 5. Launch. For each phase, there will be a hands-on exercise we will do together that will give you a taste of starting a business, along with resources you can go through after the seminar.

04. Tip toes of history – a closer look at the prophecies of last day events
Christian Hjortland

We are a privileged generation, living in the last days of this earth’s history. Humanity entered into the time of the end in 1798. The last traceable time prophecy in the word of God brings us to 1844. And here we are.

What are the final steps of the last day events? How close are we, and what is God waiting for?