We know, believe and are persuaded that this year’s ASI program will be a blessing to you! Our goal is to learn more about God and our personal relationship to Him as well as to be inspired by great fellowship with others who have a passion for following Christ. There will be a variety of inspiring meetings like exercise, morning worships, networking sessions, evening meetings, ministry reports, a special New Year’s program as well as 16 workshops.

2 Timothy 1:12

“For this reasons I also suffer these things; nevertheless I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.”

Workshop Tracks

The workshops will be divided into 3 categories:

1. Knowing God and His word

2. Believing equals living faith

3. Acting according to conviction

Our speakers

Michael Dant

Associate Professor, Southern Adventist University

Michael Dant is an embedded computer engineer who is excited about helping students enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of solving real-world problems using computer technology at Southern Adventist University since 2009.

After receiving his master’s degree in software engineering from Andrews University, Michael served as a missionary in Jamaica for six years and then returned to do some further graduate work in the area of artificial intelligence, which explains his interest in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and machine vision.

But he recognizes that life isn’t all about computers. Michael learned late in life to enjoy God, and is always looking for new ways to understand and share what it means to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Michael has been happily married for over 30 years and has two young-adult sons. His other interests include learning to cook and eat healthfully, walking, writing, preaching and travelling.

Christopher Kramp

Bible worker and media evangelist

Christopher Kramp is currently the Bible worker and media evangelist for the Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt SDA Church in Germany. He’s also the speaker/director of the recently founded Joel Media Ministry. After attending the PEACE mission school in 2010, he left a promising career as orchestra conductor and found the joy of his life in winning souls to Christ. In his weekly internet programs, (“Cannstatt Study Hour” and “Revelation verse by verse” www.entscheidung21.de) as well as in campaigns, revival series and weekend seminars, he loves to take people deep into the Scriptures. He his happily married to his wife Rabea and they reside in Stuttgart, Germany.

You can check out an interview with Christopher Kramp. It’s in German, but you can still follow along with YouTube’s auto-translator into English.

Rabea Kramp

Rabea Kramp is a professional musician, having earned four degrees from the Music University of Stuttgart, where she now works as a vocal coach. Raised as a Lutheran, she got to know the Advent message through Christopher. They are happily married now for over eleven years.

Presentation: Workshop: Music for the mind

Musician & vocal coach

Jason Harral

Bible teacher / business owner

God reached into Jason’s life 20 years ago and gave him meaning, purpose, and joy he hadn’t thought possible. Since then Jason’s greatest passion has been to study the Bible and share with others what he learns. His wife Maggi and his three precious kids bring him immeasurable pleasure.

From 2011 to 2016 the Harral family was working with Adventist Frontier Missions in Bénin, West Africa. There they made many fantastic memories together while Jason trained local church members to plant churches using worldview-based evangelism.

Presentation Friday afternoon: Sabbath welcoming program

Tiago Silva

Evangelist and director of “Uma Verdade Desconhecida”

Tiago Silva is an evangelist and the director of ”Uma Verdade Desconhecida”, a media ministry focused on reaching people with Bible truth. After a Nebuchadnezzar experience, he became passionate to help others wake up to the truth. He’s currently doing mission work in Portugal, his home country.

Christian Karlsson

Pastor & health director for the Swedish union

Christian Karlsson is a Swedish pastor with a master in public health. He currently serves as the health director for the Swedish union and is a board member for Steps4life.

Kristoffer Sandström

Computer engineer

Kristoffer Sandström is a computer engineer currently working as a natural science teacher at Ekebyholmsskolan in Sweden. He is one of the co-founders of Steps4life health weeks.

Jonathan Karlsson

Bible worker and evangelist

Jonathan Karlsson is a Bible worker and evangelist in Malmö, Sweden, where he lives with his wife Huldah. After attending ARISE, Jonathan has been a Bible worker for more than 10 years in both Sweden and Finland. He currently studies Religion at Andrews University part time while working in Malmö SDA Church. His own conversion at the age of 18 gave him a firsthand experience with the topic of righteousness by faith.

René Havstein

Director of Matteson Mission School

René Havstein is currently director of Matteson Mission School. Prior to this, he has worked as a high school teacher within science subjects (Mathematics, Physics and Geology). During these years he discovered the book Education by Ellen White, and this has kindled his passion for both true education and science.

Pernille Rasmussen

Medical student in Denmark

Pernille Rasmussen is currently a medical student in Denmark, attended the Matteson Mission School some years ago, which inspired her to use more of her time and talents for God. She enjoys to pray with people and to experience how God is working, His strength being made perfect in weakness.

Joakim Hjortland

Theology student

Joakim Hjortland is a 28 year old Scandinavian, the co-founder of IMPACT, the ASI Scandinavia Convention and author of “A Prophet for This Generation”. Currently Joakim studies theology, completes his apprenticeship as an electrician, enjoys teaching and preaching the Word at home and abroad; and he strives to understand and follow God’s wonderful will and plan in everything.

Mari & Fredrik Lillbäck

Finnish-Swedish missionary couple

Mari and Fredrik Lillbäck are a Finnish-Swedish missionary couple, who are in love with each other and the work they do. They live in Norway, in Fredheim Lifestyle center, where Fredrik works as the leader and Mari with a great mix of other things. Their passion is to help people to find a loving God and with him a healthy, meaningful and joyful life.

Jeremy Zwiker

President of the Granheim Foundation & ASI Scandinavia

Jeremy Zwiker is a much appreciated, dynamic leader with a clearly expressed vision for mission. He has a burden for young people to be trained to join the army of lifetime workers for God. He is currently the President of the Granheim Foundation, studying an MBA in Entrepreneurship and serves as president of ASI Scandinavia.

Antonella Pedley

Master of Arts in Ancient Religions

Antonella Pedley enjoys researching themes that uphold the veracity of the Bible. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Ancient Religions from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Besides history, she enjoys studying the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation and is eagerly following the way current events are fulfilling ancient prophecies.

Daniel Pedley

Graphic Designer / Business Owner

Daniel Pedley is a graphic designer on a mission to help people craft their message in the visual language of design, in all forms of media. In 2016 he co-founded Dexera, a creative agency that helps ambitious businesses with limited visual communication resources become strong brands. He has an MA in Graphic Design from Hertfordshire University, UK

Christian Hjortland

Founder and CEO of Digna

Christian is born in Sweden. He is founder and CEO of Digna, that offers services within marketing, web, design and photography. Christian is also serving as director of Empower Missions. He is passionate about bringing God’s precious end time message to this world, and inspiring others to do the same.


If you have any questions please contact: programming@asiscandinavia.org