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Follow the Lamb in the Family 

Follow the Lamb in Daily Life 
Follow the Lamb in Health
Follow the Lamb in the End Times (prophecy) 
Follow the Lamb in the Marketplace
Follow the Lamb in your Startup

Follow the Lamb in the Family

Doing courtship God’s way

Kasper and Freja Struksnes

The decision of marriage is surely one of the most important decisions in life with huge, even eternal, consequences. But how do you find out if God wants you to marry a person or not? What are you to look for in a future spouse? And in this period of consideration, how are you to relate to the other person? In this workshop, both Biblical principles as well as personal experiences will be shared. We will explore the purpose and motivation for marriage, questions to ask yourself concerning your potential spouse as well as Bible guidelines on physical contact before marriage and more. 

Kasper and Freja Struksnes have been married since August this year. Living in their little home in Odense (Denmark), Freja is studying nursing, and Kasper is studying medicine. They are very grateful to God for His guidance in their journey towards marriage and desires to share the principles they have found in their studies of the topic as well as lessons from their own experience.

Conflict management in the family

Terri and Ernst Zwiker

Don’t miss the blessing of a good conflict!” This is a very true statement that we want to clarify and understand.

We should be interested in analysing conflicts and understanding what they are all about. We will talk about the different conflict participants with all their positive and negative challenges. These challenges come mostly from inside, from our values, principles, fears and expectations. Once we understand ourselves better (self-competence), we will much better communicate our wishes and limits to our environment (social competence). Practicing and learning all that is one of the best, the most serious and most important tasks, since we are living in the end time, the time of the most challenges. A good ‘Conflict Management’ is definitely the right tool to have today.

Terri and Ernst Zwiker have been married since 1980. Even though they come from different cultures (USA/CH) and totally different family backgrounds, with God’s help they have worked through these challenges well enough to become a blessing to each other, their three children (Jenny, Jesse, Jeremy) and others. Because it is their common burden they write a blog to support the most important relationship model we have in our society: the family.

Biblical Principles of Sexuality

Jason and Maggi Harral

Married for 14 years, Jason & Maggi know a few things about sex, but not much about porn. They’ve experienced that applying Biblical principles to this part of life can bring such blessing. For part of this workshop men and women will be in separate groups. It is recommended that only those who are married, soon to be married or 20 or older attend this workshop.

Jason runs a floor sanding business and Maggi is an occasional teacher and permanent mom. With four lively kids they have plenty to do and like to learn and teach about how Bible principles can be brought into business and everyday life.

Bringing up children in the faith

Daniel & Silvia Pel

Many influences in our world today are counteracting the Biblical worldview which makes it a particular challenge for children to grow up in our time and age. How can we as parents instill faith in our children from the earliest moments of childhood? Discover how you can work together as a family team and stimulate a love for service and mission in your little ones.  

Daniel and Silvia Pel have worked together in ministry for 16 years. They are parents to Elias (5) and Enoch (3), and are passionate about working together as a family and reaching out to others with the good news of the gospel.

Follow the Lamb in Daily Life

Know the Lamb’s voice in your daily devotionals

Line Nielsen

To follow the Lamb you need to know His voice. “The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out” (John 10:3).
We will talk about how to know His voice in our daily devotionals. How to study and how to listen. We will get the foundation from the Bible: This is what Jesus wants to happen in our time with Him. And we will get it practical – you will get ideas to what you can go home and do in your daily time with Jesus.

Line is passionate about sharing Christ. She has written Loved by Him and The Truth is Setting You Free, and has daily devotionals and other materials on She loves riding on her mountain bike, playing the piano and being together with friends.

Everyday witnessing simplified

Kasper Struksnes

God has called us to witness for Him – but how are we to do it in our everyday life?  
How can mission go from merely being a rare activity to an integrated part of our lives as we relate to our classmates, colleagues, neighbours and friends?
In this workshop, we will be looking at Biblical principles that inspire us to witness for Christ without fear. Personal experiences and practical tips such as what questions to ask to transition into a spiritual conversation will also be shared as a help to point people around us to follow the Lamb.

Kasper Struksnes is a Danish Medicine-student currently living in Odense with his newly married wife. He is a graduate from the AFCOE-Europe Mission school and has done Bible work in Copenhagen. He loves to share the truths of the Bible through sermons, Bible studies and everyday conversations.

Reaching out to muslims

Alex Bittencourt Galindo

In this workshop we will present effective ways to connect with Muslims using the common ground we share with them: The Bible and the coming of Jesus Christ. We will see methods of presenting the Bible message. We will talk about the main misconceptions Muslims have of Christians and the Bible, as well as the misconceptions that we as Christians generally have about Muslims. I encourage you to come and learn about this important subject. They are among us and this good message of the Kingdom must reach the whole world before He comes! I look forward to seeing you there.

Alex Bittencourt is a Brazilian SDA pastor who have been working with Christian-Muslim relations. He has translated and published a book in Brazil on this subject and has preached both in a mosque and in the Adventist Arabic community in Sao Paulo. He Is currently studying a Masters degree on the Religious Roots of Europe at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Follow the Lamb in Health

Cooking school without a kitchen

Sandy and Lasse Flinker

Plant-based food is trending right now. As workers for Christ – let’s grab this opportunity to be a witness in our area – how about a cooking school? But wait – doesn’t that require a chef, a huge kitchen, a lot of money and time?… No! We will share with you how to create your own cooking school with very limited resources and almost no facilities. This seminar will show you in a very practical way how to use healthy cooking as an effective way to get in contact with people. We will also share ideas on leading them from food to Christ. This is a concept that you can easily take with you to your home church and we will share our do’s and dont’s based on our experience.

Sandy and Lasse are married and together they use their energy witnessing to others. They have served at multiple media ministries and churches around the world. From their home area they are passionate to use healthy lifestyle as a means to reach people for christ. Sandy is a nutritionist and accountant and Lasse works with web-development and as a bible-worker/speaker.

How the Lamb gives emotional healing?

Zita and Markus Witte

This workshop focuses on a counseling approach that reaches out to hurting individuals and couples who have been emotionally damaged and need guidance in resolving their personal, emotional, or spiritual problems. Biblical principles are applied to resolve issues so that the freedom God originally planned for each person can be experienced.

Zita Witte, born in Romania, with Hungarian ethnic roots, grew up in Austria. She attended a mission school in Sweden, received her vocational training at different US health centers and completed her studies of Naturopathy in Germany. She gained experience as a medical missionary teacher in East-Africa and India and worked as a healthcare practitioner in different countries. She is a Health Counselor for the DVG.

Follow the Lamb in the End Times (prophecy)

Facing the end time without fear

Daniel Pel

We are living in unprecedented times with the signs of Jesus second coming fulfilling all around us. Bible Prophecy predicts that our planet will go through cataclysmic events before the ultimate deliverance takes place. Discover Biblical keys to survive and thrive through difficulties and trials today, and the days to come. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Daniel Pel is a passionate communicator of the Bible. His dynamic and logical way of presenting the scriptures has been an inspiration for many around the world. With an enthusiasm for ministry he works as a pastor, evangelist, and Bible teacher. Daniel lives with his wife and two sons in Norway. He loves spending time with his family in God’s creation.

Covenantal Revelation: The Six Angels of Chapter 14 and the Davidic Covenant

Joachim Fosse

God has always had a covenantal relationship with his people, throughout the ages, and in the present. The book of Revelation reciprocates with these promises given and expands upon their fulfilment. As important as it is to discern the historical fulfilment of prophecy so too is appreciating the movements in God’s plan and purpose and our role within that purpose. As the prophet said: “When we, as a people, understand what this book means for us, there will be seen among us a great revival.”. Among us, not all will see it, but I hope you and I will.

Joachim Fosse is an engaging young speaker who has given a number of lectures at home and abroad, which have been an inspiration to many. Formerly a student at Matteson Mission School and Newbold College he now works as a pastor in Lillehammer Adventist Church.

Follow your advocate

Christopher Kramp

We will look at present truth. Jesus’ Ministry in the Most Holy Place since 1844 ist far more than just a peculiar theological notion that causes tensions among scholars. Looking at the development of this understanding among our pioneers, we will seek to make plain, how this message is central to our faith and mission in this very moment of time. Basic Adventism seen from new angles and with fresh perspectives. #makeadventismbrightagain

Christopher Kramp (34) is a German evangelist and speaker/director of Joel Media TV. He studied orchestra conducting and is a graduate of PEACE (a misson school of the North England Conference). He is passionate about the Advent message and has preached and taught the Bible in many countries. One emphasis of his work is internet evangelism. He also serves on the board of advisers for ASI Germany.

The Three (or Four) Angels’ Simple Complexity

Kenneth Jørgensenp

In this workshop we will discuss questions like these:
1. Are the Three Angels’ Messages relevant in the 21th century?
2. What can we do to share them with the world?
3. How shall we present the Three Angels’ Messages to the world?
4. Do we have to believe the Three Angels’ Messages to be Seventh-day Adventists?
5. What interpretation of Three Angels’ Messages can we trust?

There will, throughout the sessions, be paid special attention to the textual interpretive comprehensiveness of the Three Angels’ Messages. The workshop will hopefully help the participant to see the exceptional magnitude the messages of Revelation 14 and 18 have in relation to ASI.

Kenneth Jørgensen is from Norway and after completing a degree in Theology at Newbold College he worked ten years for the Adventist church as pastor in different lines. He was ordained for the ministry in 1991. Currently he is employed by a supporting (to the church) ministry called “Bevar SDA” (translated “Preserve SDA”). Kenneth’s special interest is in the area of Adventist apologetics, particularly where the apocalyptic vision meets history.

Follow the Lamb in the Marketplace

From idea to reality

Per Struksnes

Qure Fysioterapi is a new mission-clinic in the midst of Copenhagen. We have been blessed with incredible results, and will share some of the testimonials and our story about how to start a faith-based, yet scientific-based clinic in a secular city, with the mission to share the Three Angels’ messages through medical ministry. 

Per Arild Struksnes  – a physiotherapist, salesman, photographer, elder, husband, father, sportsman, who loves to share the message of the three angels in a way that common man can understand. He’s one of the owners of the new mission clinic Qure Fysioterapi in Copenhagen.

Follow the Lamb in running your own business

Jason Harral

Although he is no business expert, Jason enjoys learning about how to run a business as a Christian in a secular country. He will share lessons he has learned, experiences he has and ideas on how you too can experience the joys and challenges of being a business owner.

Although his main training and experience is in Bible teaching and mission work, Jason has been surprised by how much he enjoys running his own business.  Trying to find the balance between work and mission, he experiences a meaning and fulfillment he would have never expected from manual labor coupled with preaching and teaching.

Happy Hand experiences

Anette Wulf

I will be sharing about daily life and mission in the charity shop, Happy Hand, located in the center of Copenhagen. I work in Happy Hand as the pastor there. I will share how I use conversation and prayer as a way of evangelising, in a very easy and natural way. To me evangelising is more about listening, than speaking – listening for the Lamb’s voice in the situation, and actively listening to and really seeing the person in front of us.

Anette is the pastor in Happy Hand in Copenhagen, she loves to talk to and pray for people. She has a burning passion to see the lost people meet Christ, as she did herself 20 years ago.

Follow the Lamb in your Startup

How to develop ideas and projects for the Lamb?

Have you ever asked yourself how to use new ideas and opportunities for the advancement of the Lord’s business? In this workshop we employ ideation techniques to develop new concepts and approaches. We will develop and shape your ideas until they reach a mature level. In addition, you will learn how to present ideas and concepts in a systematic and compelling way.

How the Lamb helps us to care for specific target groups

We have been told to focus on different target groups, e.g. caring for those in need or for the upper classes. But do we really know our target groups? How they live, what they need? Do we know their values, convictions, preferences? Have we spoken to anybody in a particular group? – Before developing any services, we need to do a lot of research. This workshop will guide you through the labyrinth of market research and understanding today’s society.

The Lamb’s synergy in business and spirituality

You have ever felt that business is business and religion is religion? Ellen White told us that business and religion cannot be divorced, because God has joined them together. – In this workshop we take practical steps how to bring the spiritual world into business and how to use businesses to connect with people we would never reach by other means. We learn how to employ the Spiritual Journey Canvas as a tool to support missional ventures.

Following the Lamb’s creative design – Co-create for His business

God has created us in His image, with the power to create. We all share the creative talents our maker has given us. – In this workshop you have the opportunity to present and pitch your matured ideas to a broader audience. Together we co-create and develop ways of how to put your full-grown ideas into practice. In addition, you will have sufficient time to interact, discuss and ask your questions on missional entrepreneurship and the Lamb’s business.