14-18 April 2022


LifeStyleTV, Sweden

How to get here

Convention overview

You are invited to the 9th ASI Scandinavia Convention. Join us for another inspiring convention with fellowship, inspiration, networking and commitment on the theme – Go!

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” – Mat. 28:19

Convention program


Theme: Go! Urban & Foreign Missions
How can these workshops equip people for Urban and Foreign Mission?

Children’s meetings

Children’s meetings will be lead out by Stine Gro Struksnæs during the workshops (see the workshops schedule). There will be Bible study for kids, singing, crafts and activities. All ages in one group, primarily for 4 – 12 year olds. There will also be a program for children on Sabbath during outreach time lead out by Jessica Löfgren. 


Workshops schedule

Workshops descriptions

The Power of Prayer

Pavel Goia

Description: Jesus said: “Ask and you shall receive” (Matthew 7:7) and “whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them” (Mark 11:24). Prayer is communication with God and “the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16). How can we tap into God’s power and experience these promises to come true in answers to our prayers?

Bio: Pavel Goia knew at a young age that God had called him to ministry. Born and raised in communist Romania, he didn’t find it easy to follow that calling. After drifting during his teenage years, his life took a proverbial turn, and he promised to serve God and fulfill his original calling. His promise was tested almost immediately.

The events that ensued are chronicled in the book One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story, by Gregg Budd. Pavel pursued careers in engineering, private business, and law before finally settling into his calling as a minister.

Today he pastors the Lexington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, and is a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for the North American Division, as well as a doctoral candidate at Andrews University. His life continues to be one miracle after another.

The Paradigm – Mission in the Last Days

Sebastian Matula

Description: Do you want to reach people for Jesus? Do you want your local church to grow? If your answer is yes, then this seminar is just for you. Discover “the paradigm”, a biblical based, field-tried way to do evangelism according to God´s way. Rediscover the essence of the Great Commission.

Bio: Sebastian Matula has an MA in systematic theology from King´s College London. He works as a pastor in Jakobstad and Vasa (Finnish Union).

The Loud Cry sounding through Centers of Influence

Per-Arild Struksnes

Description: More than five years ago we opened Qure Fysioterapi in the central Copenhagen with the goal to help people with their pain, and to be a mission center of influence. During corona we discovered new ways to work to spread the Gospel. During this presentation we will tell about some of our experiences, and we will have a closer look at the Loud Cry from Revelation 18. In the end we will discuss how we can proclaim this Loud Cry from our businesses and centers of influence.

Bio: Per Arild Struksnes – a physiotherapist, photographer, husband, father…who loves to share the Message of the Three Angels in a way that common man can understand. He´s one of the owners of the mission clinic Qure Fysioterapi in Copenhagen. He enjoys hiking with his wife and bicycling on his gravel bike in the forests of North-Sealand.

Time Management for Ministry

Daniel Pedley

Description: In this workshop, we will discuss key concepts of productivity and time management in the context of effective ministry – how to get lots done without burning out. We will look at Biblical examples, counsels from Ellen G. White, and current professional practice. You will be exposed to the mindset, strategies and tools that will help you develop your personal productivity system to stay organised and manage digital distractions.

Bio: Daniel has 168 hours a week to take care of his responsibilities at home, at work and at church. He is co-owner of Dexera Creative Agency in Sweden and enjoys living in the countryside with his wife Antonella and two children.

The Blueprint’s Absolutely Essential, Yet Largely Missing Arm

Justin Neubrander

Description: The health work is a critical part of the 3rd angel’s message, but not “the message” itself. Without it, we proclaim a fatally incomplete message. Understand righteousness by faith’s relationship to medical missionary work, which is described as the only way we can “give a practical demonstration of the truths of the gospel,” and examine its prophesied Latter Rain fulfillment of the 4th angel’s Loud Cry, which lightens the earth with God’s glory (Rev 18). Finally, explore how to share these vital truths with your home church, gain interest, and begin systematically incorporating medical missionary work into your evangelism efforts.

Bio: A bible-believing brother, Justin Neubrander is dedicated to medical missionary evangelism as a medical practitioner, currently serving in marketing at Fredheim Lifestyle Center in Norway.

Ye Shall Receive Power

Joakim Hjortland

Description: What if Jesus has greater dreams and desires for me than my current Christian experience? An outpouring of His Spirit – Adventism’s greatest need – will not only change your Christian life, but also the church and end-time events. Join us for a thought-provoking, timely, practical, and inspiring seminar.

Bio: International speaker, director of AFCOE Europe, and author of “A Prophet for This Generation”.

How can I find the right partner?

Jeremy & Diana Zwiker

Description: How can you know if you are ready for a courtship? How can you know who you should be together with the rest of your life? Has God given counsel about how to conduct the steps towards and in courtship? These are the questions we will look at and share according to our own experience.

Bio: Jeremy and Diana got married last year and have a 6-month-old toddler called David Joshua. Jeremy and Diana are ministering in Norway at the Granheim Foundation and Matteson Mission School. Jeremy as the director of the school and Diana is putting her energy into the important work of a mother. Diana is a logotherapist who loves to counsel and coach individuals.

How to give Bible studies

Jennie Levinsson

Description: Do you want to experience true joy? Do you have a longing in your heart to make a lasting difference in someone’s life? And do you want to be a part of God’s great work of saving His beloved children, but feel uncertain on how? Get ready to be inspired, discover and learn practical tools on how you can partake in one of the most wonderful, meaningful and exciting things a human being can ever experience.

Bio: Jennie Levinsson has a passion for mission work. She has worked as a volunteer in Lund doing Bible work, household manager and girls dean at AFCOE Europe, and currently serves as the president of IMPACT Sweden.

In the mind of a digital missionary

Melvin Sandelin

Description: The Sandelin family has their own media ministry that they have been running for 3 years, and have made this their full-time job one year ago. With having reached almost 2.5 million people around the world with their videos since then, they have a taste of the digital opportunities out there. And having made over 100 videos, they too have tasted the work that goes into it. Melvin Sandelin will share his real-life experiences of what it looks like, and what it takes to live as a digital missionary.

Bio: Melvin is a Husband / Father / Dutch / Living in Norway / Full-Time Youtuber / Loves to help people fall in love with Jesus.


Before you travel

Here’s some practical information you should keep in mind before you arrive!


LifeStyleTV address: Hagegården 1, 67194 Brunskog
Google maps

Youth Hostel address: Brunskog Vandrarhem by LifeStyleSTAY, Bergamon, 67194 Brunskog
Google maps

By train: Get off at Edane or Arvika or Kil station. LifeStyleTV is 7 km or 20 km or 35 km away.

By bus: Head for the Smådal (Arvika) bus stop. LifeStyleTV is 2 km away (1 km from the Vandrahem). is a good place to search for buses and trains locally.


IMPORTANT: Upon arrival, you will need to check in at LifeStyleTV Hagegården to check-in and pickup your key.

Bedding: Bedding and towels are provided for all participants that have booked beds in the hotel or youth hostel. However, those staying on matrasses will need to bring their own bedding and towels.

Shoes: LifeStyleSTAY facilities are shoe-free areas. Please bring appropriate indoor shoes to use while here (clean, soft-sole shoes to be used indoors only).

Water Bottles: Water bottles that don’t leak are very handy to have for drinking water. There are kitchen taps that are available to fill bottles in both the hotel and the youth hostel. LifeStyleSTAY requests that all food and drink remain in the eating areas, except for leak-proof water bottles.

Food: The food served during ASI will be vegan (containing no animal products). In addition, there will be some foods purchased and prepared without gluten. However, in our kitchen we use gluten containing foods, so there can be traces of these found even in the foods that are prepared without these ingredients. There are several full kitchens in the youth hostel where participants can take care of any additional dietary needs.

We will be following the current recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Authorities. Beyond these, we expect you to take your own precautions and follow common sense.

1. Only people who are well can attend. Those who feel ill with covid-19/flu symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, fever, cough or loss of taste and/or smell), even with diffuse symptoms, should stay at home. If you have knowingly been in close contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid-19, within the past few days, please take the necessary precautions not to infect others.

2. If, while here, you feel sick with covid-19/flu symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, fever, cough or loss of taste and/or smell), we will ask that you quarantine and notify the organizers. With so many people sharing the limited space available, one sick person can spread a virus very rapidly.

3. Please wash your hands often and use hand disinfectant regularly, especially before taking food from the serving tables, after using the bathroom, touching your face, etc.

4. To help stop the spread of germs, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue if you need to cough or sneeze. Throw used tissues in the trash. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.